Custom Workbench

Custom Workbench

A workbench should add both functionality and efficiency to the work environment. Although workbenches come in both standard and custom options, most companies now opt for the customized workbench tables, which allows them to modify assembly tables to match their specific needs.

There is a catch, though. So to create the perfect adjustable workbenches, certain factors need to be put into consideration. Here are some of them.


It pays to have a workbench that is well illuminated to facilitates technical tasks executed on them. So a key work design option is proper lighting. Overhead lighting fixtures like LED light bulbs are an efficient and cost-effective means of providing illumination. Where necessary, you could also opt for under-shelf lighting for certain parts of the

Storage Options

Another great work design option is additional storage. Skilled technicians can add additional storage options like utility drawers to even the most ergonomic assembly desks. That way, the workbench adds some aesthetic value and functionality to the work environment.

If a utility drawer is not your thing, you could opt for shelves that you could have added above and below the work area. There is also the option of feature flipper doors and bin rails or panels that can store parts and accessories.

If you still require space around your custom design work area, you could opt for features like utility duct ways, mounts, and power poles that stylishly declutter the space. 

The Right Countertop for the Job 

The material that you use for the countertop is very important. Some materials are more durable than others, and so when customizing your workbench, you should factor in the nature of the tasks when choosing a material. Resin is great for tasks that involve bacteria, chemicals, fungus, and moisture, while stainless steel is great for extremely high temperatures.

Where to Get Custom Workbenches 

Even the most skillful DIY exponent will not customize a workbench as well as a company that has been in the business of designing and manufacturing customized workbenches. You can get the best workbenches from e-systemsGroup who happen to be the makers of the most configurable bench system on the market today: the NCS Bench System.

NCS is built to adapt to your business as processes and products change while your company grows. It has a versatile steel-welded frame, sturdy worksurface, shelves, and storage options that can be configured to meet your specific requirements and application.

No matter the industry, you can customize the NCS Bench System to your exact specifications. With the versatile base unit, you can customize your systems any way you like by adding storage, shelving, cable management, height adjustability, and work surface space. We will build your system your way.

Contact the leading custom manufacturer of workstations and technical furniture 

At e-Systems group, we are famed for engineering and manufacturing the best custom workstations, technical furniture, server racks, and other critical equipment for a wide variety of industries. Our company boasts more than six decades of technical experience and expertise! If you’d like to know more about our services or have a custom solution specifically made for your needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with us online or call us at 800-432-1337.

Custom Workbench

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Custom Workbench

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